The Task 7.3 “Dissemination activities “in the framework of the Construct PV project is aimed to identify the best strategy for communication, influencing policymakers and other stakeholders on the base of the project results, as well as to ensure a widespread and effective dissemination to relevant target groups. The goal is also to foster a wide range of activities contributing to the visibility and notion of Construct PV activities and achievement.

In order to improve the communication strategy as well as to ensure a wide dissemination of the main results to relevant stakeholders, a specific dissemination plan defining the goals, the ways, the responsibilities and the schedules of the actions to be carried out has been defined. Such approach allowed sharing a common strategy among the partners, to define a specific calendar of events/activities and to create an effective network for an international communication.

After identifying the Target Group and the key-messages, the communication strategy was arranged through the integration of the following strategies:

  • a Dissemination Plan, containing the events to be communicated (project meetings, intermediate and/or final results of WPs and/or milestones, scientific results, etc.) ; the method/way of communication (e.g. news, communication to local/international media, press release, etc.); the involved actors that are responsible both to provide contents and of the communication activity.
  • a “media area” of the website with the aim to publically show the story of the various events carried out during the project