Description of the company

Proigmenes Erevnitikes & Diahiristikes Efarmoges registered with the brand name AMS LTD or Advances Management Solutions is a SME construction company, founded in 2004 with the goal to provide state-of-art technical construction services for both public and private companies. Its activities are mainly focused on:

  • Turn key and on demand construction projects, including: basic and advanced design (architectural, structural, E/M, etc.), construction at all its stages, maintenance, energy consumption monitoring, data analysis and interpretation.
  • Integration and installation of various environmentally friendly materials and equipment to improve energy efficiency in building, such as photovoltaic installations, wind energy turbines, geothermic installations, new insulating materials and solar radiation reflective coatings technics and methods, advanced technological applications such as hydrogen storage for energy conversion, CO2, hydrogen storage and distribution systems to the food industry, gas bottling plants, etc.
  • Installation of real time building system monitoring such as, electricity, gas use, temperature, humidity and lighting levels, performance of insulation materials and other building elements, actual outputs of renewable systems and low carbon technologies, compared with inputs such as solar insolation or wind speed building behavior – such as noting when windows are open or when heating systems are switched on and off.


Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

AMS Ltd’s main role in the Construct-PV project concerns the large scale demonstration runs in WP6. AMS Ltd will be responsible for the supervision regarding the installation of external components, proper building elements integrating BiPV, in NTUA Campus in Greece along with their maintenance and repair. In addition AMS Ltd will support NTUA in monitoring and assessment of the installed components for a period of one year.

Similar projects

The last 5 years AMS Ltd gained expertise on Sustainable Building Systems, Energy Efficient Building Technologies and retrofitting as a result of its willingness for developing new technologies through the participation of various European funded Projects such as EFESUS, RETROLIT, etc.. It is closely cooperating with the the Laboratory of Metallurgy, NTUA in research and development of new building materials and in their real scale testing and evaluation (H2SUSBUILD project).

AMS Ltd has cooperated in both design and construction of various projects witn numerous companies active in the energy sector ranging from power production to solar panel manufacturing such as Solarshell SA, Energa SA, etc.