Description of the company

D’Appolonia S.p.A., with its 500 staff, is the largest fully indipendent italian engineering firm which provides integrated services to clients belonging both to the public and the private sector in the energy, environment, construction, oil and gas, transport, electronics and telecommunications domains. D’Appolonia relies on a permanent staff of qualified engineers and scientists, mainly based in the headquarters in Genoa, Italy. Since its foundation D’Appolonia has participated in more than 20000 projects worldwide. The firm offers a full range of integrated enginnering services to support the customers in the development of complex projects, covering the eraly phases of conceptual design and definition of specifications up to implementation, optimization and validation. A multidisciplinary division provides specialistic engineering services in the field of industrial innovation, supporting SMEs as well as large companies in the achievement of their targets in product and process innovation. The company’s multidisciplinary problem solving approach is continously supported by the most advanced technical and scientific developments, where research and innovation play a relevant role.

Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

Within the course of WP1, D’Appolonia will be involved in the definition of needs and requirements for the development of innovative BIPV. Moreover, in WP1, D’Appolonia will perform a comprehensive market analysis determining BIPV’s attractiveness for market with respect to the possible solutions to be developed within the project. D’Appolonia will also be leader of WP8 where it will take care of life-cycle assessment (LCA, as well as of the development of a business model. In order to ensure adequate exploitation of foreground of Construct-PV, including management of Intellectual Property. Furthermore D’Appolonia is providing support to the coordinator Züblin for some of the administrative activities.

Similar projects

D’Appolonia has also participated in the project Cost-Effective which focussed on multifunctional, energy gaining building components. Indeed within this project a set of five new facade components and systems have been successfully developed:

  • transparent solar thermal collector
  • air heating vacuum tube collector
  • angle-selective transmittance BiPV-component
  • facade integrated natural ventilation system with heat recovery
  • solar assisted decentralized heat pump system.