Description of the company

ENEA is the name for Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.
The Agency’s main research issues are identified as follows:

  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energy sources
  • nuclear energy
  • climate and environment
  • safety and health
  • new technologies
  • electric system research

Specifically, the Agency’s activities are devoted to:

  • basic, mission-oriented, and industrial research exploiting wide-ranging expertise as well as experimental facilities, specialized laboratories, advanced equipment;
  • new technologies and advanced applications;
  • dissemination and transfer of research results, thus promoting their exploitation for production purposes;
  • provide public and private bodies with high-tech services, studies measurements, tests and assessments;
  • training and information activities aimed at broadening sector expertise and public knowledge and awareness.

The main activities of ENEA’s Photovoltaic Technologies Unit (UTTP-FOTO) are:

  • design ans development of innovative solutions for the photovoltaic energy production;
  • design and characterization of stand-alone and grid-connected PV components and plants including the innovative approach for the architectural integration of PV elements in buildings and urban decoration, concentrating plants with design of modules, heliostats and all solar tracker components;
    qualification of photovoltaic modules – complying with the technical standards – for a number of stakeholders: manufacturing companies, installers, distributors and/or authorized dealers;
  • performance analysis of PV components and systems different for technology, size, configuration, etc.;
  • design and development of hybrid system PV-thermal solar for the combined energy production (electricity and heat);
  • analysis and development of components and solution for the integration of distributed generation of renewables (in particular photovoltaics) into the electricity grids.


Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

ENEA is involved in WP1, WP2 (leader of the task 2.2: Review of standards for integrating BIPV modules in building facades and roofs), WP3 and WP7.

Similar projects

ENEA is involved in:



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