Description of the company

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, directed by Prof. Dr. Elicke Weber, is a member of the Fraunhofer Society, the leading organisation for applied research in Germany with more than 15000 employees in 58 institutes. As a member of the EUREC Agency, the institute actively promotes a further development of renewable energy technologies and their integration into the existing energy infrastructure at an international level. It finds itself with commissioned research and scientific/technical services for the private and public sectors. Research at the Fraunhofer ISE creates technology needed for supplying energy from regenerative sources, efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis, in industrialized and developing countries. To this purpose, the institute develops systems, components, materials and processes for the thermal use of solar energy control of solar gains through facades, solar buildings, photovoltaics, electric power supplies, chemical energy and storage, and rational use of energy.

Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

Fraunhofer ISE coordinates WP1 where it will process the identification of requirements for the photovoltaic panels for the building from the point of view of architects, PV producers and construction companies.
Fraunhofer ISE also participates in WP2 where it performs a statistical cluster analysis of the existing building stock for the identification of product requirements and standardization.
In WP3, Fraunhofer ISE will participate in the product development and evaluate the achieved module performance.
To WP5, Fraunhofer ISE will contribute with its large experience in product development and perform an economic evaluation by total cost of ownership analysis.
In WP6, the manufactured and installed modules will be measured in the accredited Fraunhofer ISE labs.
Also, Fraunhofer ISE is a member of the scientific committee.

Similar projects

Fraunhofer ISE has coordinated and participated in:

  • the large EU-NMP project cost-effective, where facades of existing non-residential high-rise buildings were transformed into energy gaining components cost-effectively

Apart from that Fraunhofer ISE has participated in many European and national research projects.