Description of the company

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious Technical University in Greece with 9 schools amd more than 7000 students and 700 staff members. The Laboratory of Metallurgy (NTUA.LM) is part of the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and has experienced significant progress the last 10 years in terms of research and development projects.

The activities of the Laboratory are mainly focused in research and technology development in the field of extractive industries, including development of energy efficient processes, building thermal insulation amterials, design, simulation and techno-economical evaluation of new production processes and design of environmental protection processes.

The Laboratory of Metallurgy has gained considerable expertise and reputation, whixh can be proven from the number of research projects it undertakes and the number of publications in the above mentioned fields. Over the last 10 years the Laboratory of Metallurgy has coordinated or participated in more than 30 EC and 20 National funded research projects with partners from many industrial companies, academic and research institutes in Europe and worldwide.

As an example, NTUA.LM is the technical coordinator of H2SUSBuild (Grant agreement n° NMP2-LA-2008-214395), a large-scale collaborative project funded under FP7 which has the objective of integrating different renewable energy sources for the production of hydrogen in buildings.

NTUA.LM is also participating under FP7 in EXPERL project (large-scale collaborative project) which aims to the development of a great number og high added value end-products including high thermal and acoustic insulation performed panels, boards, bricks and mortars, vacuum insulating panels for white goods (e.g. freezers and refrigerators) and cryogenic applications and functional fillers for paints. In NU-ROOF project “Supporting the roofing SMEs in the development and use of a new generation of roofing materials applicable with fault tolerant procedures, reducing the use of petroleum based products” NTUA.LM is designing, developing and testing a new roofing system.

Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

NTUA is involved in definition of requirements for BiPV (WP1).
Additionally, it will monitor the PV and Building energy performances of installed BiPV in Zografos Campus throughout the duration of the project (WP6).

Similar projects

NTUA has participated and/or is currently participating in the following FP7 projects dealing with energy efficient technologies and applications in the building sector:

  • H2SusBuild – Development of a clean and energy self-sustained building in the vision of integrating H2 economy with renewable energy sources.
  • NU-ROOF – Development of a new generation of roofing materials.
  • AMBASSADOR – Autonomous Management System Developed for Building and District Levels
  • NanoHVAC – Novel ano-enabled Energy Efficient and Safe HVAC ducts and systems contributing to a healthier indoor environment.