Description of the company

SMA Solar Technology AG is a global leader in the development, production and sales of PV inverters and, as an energy management group, offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures. SMA is represented in all important photovoltaics markets in 21 countries.

The main task of the PV inverter is to convert the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into alternating currect compliant with the grid requirements – for self-consumption or feed-in to power distribution grid.

SMA has an extensive range of products, which offer the right inverters for all module types and plant sizes; for small residential systems as well as large scale plants, grid-connected installations as well as stand-alone and backup systems all over the world. Plant monitoring and visualization products as well as energy management solutions complete the portofolio.

Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

Focus of SMA as the world leading PV inverter manufacturer will be on the electrical system concept, the PV inverters and the electrical grid integration of the PV plant. SMA experts will take part in the technical discussions of the consortium concerning the electrical interface of the BIPV modules and providing information on the topic from the inverter manufacturer’s point of view and SMA experience from similar projects in this field. But the main task of SMA will be to describe the design rules and guidelines for designing the electrical system (selection of inverters, information and communication technology (ICT)-components and system optimization etc.) of BIPV installations and provide the inverters for the small scale and the large scale demonstrations in WP4 and WP6. Furthermore SMA will take part in the discussions of the other work packages and comment on the preliminary results.

Similar projects

Besides its own R&D, SMA takes part in a lot of joint R&D projects to improve the application of renewable energies and to advance energy systems technology in this field. Some examples for such projects are:

  • “MetalPV: Metamorphosis of Power Distribution: System Services from Photovoltaics” (EU funded project) to improve the grid integration of PV.
  • “MORE MICROGRIDS: Advanced Architectures and Control Concepts for Microgrids” (EU funded project).
  • German joint R&D project on optimizing systems technology for building integrated PV “PV-Geb√§ude- und elektrische Systemintegration (BIPV): Systemtechnische Entwicklung von Wechselrichtem zur Reduktion der Total Cost of Ownership im Bereich der Geb√§udeintegration” within the German “SolarValley” experience cluster.