Description of the company

The Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment (ISAAC) is part of the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). The Institute covers several research areas in the field of renewable energy (photovoltaic and geothermal), rational use of building energy with particular attention to green building standards, building maintenance and refurbishment as well as environmental studies. The PV sector with almost 30 years of experience is today composed of around 20 collaborators. It is active in the field of research and offers a series of services in the field of performance testing, life-time testing and energy rating of PV modules as well as monitoring of PV systems.
The main activities of ISAAC and especially the BIPV group are:

  • to promote the diffusion of integrated photovoltaic elements in building and improve the knowledge of these new materials. An analysis of their thermal and electric characteristics is being carried out through outdoor measurements
  • to elaborate didactic material for the study cycles of the University
  • to facilitate and stimulate the use of BIPV systems among architects while improving the architectonic quality of the photovoltaic systems
  • to perform electrical, climatic and mechanical tests of PV systems according to IEC standards (61215/61646/61730, accredited ISO 17025).


Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

SUPSI is WP leader of WP7 in which dissemination activities, IPR and protection management, website construction and training activities will be carried out.
In WP1 SUPSI will assist DAPP in the Market analysis for the definition of concept.
In WP5 SUPSI will be responsible for the development and improvement of a tool that can be in a form of BIM component, for design (architectural purpose) and dimensioning (cost and production purpose) BIPV elements.