Description of the company

Tegola Canadese S.p.a., an IWIS group company, is market leader in Europe for bituminous shingles and provides complete roofing systems: shingles, roof accessories, roof ventilation systems, acoustic and thermo insulating systems.
Headquarters and the main manufacturing plant for bituminous shingles of Tegola Canadese S.p.a. are located in Vittorio Veneto (Italy). A second manufacturing plant is located in Moscow region (Russia).
Tegola Canadese is the unique producer in the world of metal finishing bituminous shingles, Prestige®, with different finishing in copper, zinc titanium alloys, green copper and gold.
Tegola International sales department is composed by a network of agents, importers and distributors in over 70 countries; International trading companies are located in Poland, Rumania, Moldavia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia-Croatia, Brazil, China and USA.
In the field of green buildings and renewable energies, Tegola Canadese is operating in the last three years with its BiPV product Tegosolar®, patented, an innovative and architecturally integrated photovoltaic tile, thin-film triple junction amorphous silicon technology.

Role of the company in the Construct-PV project

Tegola is leading WP4. This WP will integrate PV cells, supporting materials, thermal insulating and waterproofing materials to develop roof and facade BIPV prototypes. Tegola will be responsible for a small case demonstration of roof construction exploiting already existing BIPV modules in comparison to the products that will be developed in the project.
The outputs from WP4 will be the inputs for the large scale demonstration activities in WP6. For the large scale roof demonstration in NTUA, Athens, Tegola will provide components and materials.