On summer 2015 two small scale demonstrators have been installed at the SUPSI Campus. The stands consist in two small structures for installing BIPV solar systems on roof surfaces (1,8 x 3,0 m). Real building layerings including substructures, supporting layers, thermal insulation, and ventilation air gap will be built onto the load-bearing metal structure of the stands in order to simulate the real building envelope both in terms of constructive/architectural and technological aspects. The stands will be aimed to demonstrate the Construct PV technology (visits, professional development and student’s training, etc.) as well as to monitor the performance of the BIPV roof system developed in the project (stand 1) in comparison to BIPV systems already existing in the market (stand 2). Energy production (performance ratio, temperature of modules, etc.) and building performances (watertightness, temperatures, ventilation, etc.) will be analysed.