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General informations
Product name
Solar Retrofit
Producer name
Solar Retrofit Sagl 
Producer adress
Viale Verbano, 7
6602 Locarno-Muralto Switzerland  
Producer contact
Tel. +39 335 6971695
Mail: info@solar-retrofit.ch
Web: www.solar-retrofit.ch/ 

Technical data
Solar Retrofit is a wall mounting system for PV , thermal or hybrid modules, arranged on horizontal or vertical rows and with a 30º tilt. The system is based on the idea to install, on a vertical facade, a series of integrated PV panels in order to obtain an aesthetically interesting and energy efficient facade cladding. Solar Retrofit can be fixed onto the wall with 3 simple anchors and can be installed through only one screw, so reducing time and mounting costs. Scaffolds for installation are not required and the mounting system is conceived in order to reduce the need of fixing structures also thanks to the use of material off-the-shelf. A plenty of reflectors can be chosen (metallic sheets of different materials, meshes, coloured panels, selflightened parts, etc.) in order to customize the aesthetic features for the facade retrofit and the architectural re-cladding of the building (source: www.bipv.ch).
Minimun Tilt

Constructive features
Mounting method
In-site mounting (e.g. assemblage, gluing)